The Tole Treatment for Autism

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Finding a permanent treatment for Autism has been at the top of the agenda for researchers and doctors worldwide. Research after research has been dedicated to unravel the mystery of this disease that plagues children from a very young age. Lost in a world of their own, autistic individuals are often considered to be out-casts of modern society.

Not at the Tole Centre though. Popularly known as the ‘House of Miracles’, The Tole Centre was founded by Dato' Master Tole, a 51 year old physician, whose conviction in the power of herbal medicines is worthy of praise. Not only does Dato' Master Tole treat autism in children, teens and adults, he also extends emotional support to these patients and their families, who feel psychologically rejuvenated at the hands of this herbalist.

The Chinese Healing System at The Tole

Fighting autism natural with Thetole is what Dato' Master Tole plans. With an intelligent combination of herbal ingredients, Dato' Master Tole churns up concoctions that have to be taken in liquid form a number of times daily. Because the master takes emotional therapy to be an essential part of all his treatments, he is often seen talking to the plants and herbs that he grows in his very own nursery.

He says, “I tell the plants to become stronger and be happy so they can serve the patients better.” Even though this may come as a shock to most people, for Leong, this is a regular part of his morning routine before he lets the activities at The Tole take over the rest of his time. Interestingly, Leong applies the same concept of care and concern while looking after autistic patients.

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The second component of his treatments is Thetole’s Neuro Acupuncture, a branch of acupuncture that has proven significantly useful against autism. Leong is an expert acupuncturist, having performed this procedure on thousands of patients to-date. Hence, The Tole Centre is often seen overflowing with children running around and others cuddled up in corners, indifferent to the world. To each of these patients, Leong is the beacon of hope in a life full of darkness.

While he talks to autistic kids and makes them open up and share their thoughts, Leong’s skillful fingers start inserting needles at strategic points in the head. Targeting these points has proven to increase the ‘chi’ flow between neurons in the brain, which then stimulates communication, mind and body interaction and development of speech.

This combination of herbs and acupuncture is continued for several months, multiple times a day so that brain power and body coordination are increased simultaneously.

Not in Malaysia? The Tole Centre can Still Look After You!

Master Leong’s patients fly from 160 different countries to get treatments for diseases like autism, breast and colon cancer, cerebral palsy and many others. In case a patient cannot make this trip, Leong reaches out to them via The Tole Centre’s website on the internet. Patients can send in their medical reports and expect to receive treatment options by talking to the physician, who then sends herbal concoctions through postal services.